Experience the Huron Difference

Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding is a best-in-class contract manufacturer of quality orthopedic cutting tools. Dedicated to partnering in product development, Huron delivers cutting edge instruments for today's surgical suites.

Long Reamers


A leading producer of cutting tools for the healthcare industry, Huron has a rich history dating back to the 1950s. Our commitment to quality extends beyond manufacturing as we partner in vital product development, helping to shape the future of surgical instrumentation.

Quality precision Cutting Tools

At Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding, we remain dedicated to our core expertise in orthopedic cutting instruments. By focusing exclusively on precision cutting tools, we developed a deep understanding and mastery of tool geometry, resulting in superior performance and quality that sets us apart in the industry. With decades of experience, performance and perfection are engrained in our DNA, making us the trusted choice for your orthopedic cutting needs.

Working Mori Turning

Flexible and Responsive: Our Collaborative Approach

Our state-of-the-art cleaning facilities utilize advanced techniques to achieve optimal cleanliness, including:

  • Close Collaboration: We work closely with our customers during the design phase, ensuring designs are optimized for manufacturability and performance.
  • Personalized Attention: Our small business structure allows us to provide individualized focus and dedicated support to each customer.
  • Rapid Response to Expedites and Prototypes: We prioritize quick solutions for urgent needs, maintaining high standards of quality and performance.
  • Rich History: With three generations of expertise, we bring a deep history of knowledge and craftsmanship to every project.

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Comparative Performance Testing

Our custom machine allows us to compare the performance of cutting tools with different geometries, enabling us to provide expert advice through comprehensive comparative testing.

Comparative Performance Testing